About Us

Raghava Associates management personnel have in depth knowledge and experience in Civil Buildings & Structural Engineering, Design, Detailing, Fabrication & Erection /Construction and Project management.

At Raghava Associates has well defined systems in place for every stage of work execution. Raghava Associates strive for leaders at all levels of work.

Raghava Associates teams provide engineering compliant, fabrication convenient and erection ease and safe design and detailing services.

Raghava Associates review of contract drawings (Architectural & Structural) and Shop drawing covers completeness, correctness and consistency of engineering & design. Constructability is the epitome of our services to achieve speed and economy in fabrication & erection/construction.

Raghava Associates was incorporated in the year 1996. We are renowned for our superiority in the fields of quality constructions and locations. Our credibility in this field is evident from the number of successful projects handled by us in the past decades. Ours is a company with ideals. Ideals which have shaped our journey and given us impetus to work towards being acknowledged as the most credible company in this business.

Our constant endeavours are aimed at providing best quality living to all strata of the society without any compromise on quality. In addition to high flying constructions for the elite, we are also into construction of affordable and visually charming homes complete with all conveniences.


Passionate about delivering structural engineering services with highest quality and best schedules to clients across CRDA & Andhra Pradesh.


Combine high end knowledge with in-depth functional experience in Structural Engineering to serve the Clients to their fullest satisfaction.


• Integrity over everything else
• Passion for our customers profitability
• Speed and Action Orientation